Social media and you!

      Read this if you are interested in building your identify using a social media platform. Over the past 16 months I have run a successful Facebook page as a Life Coach (it’s a verified page with a blue tick!). I am saying successful only because despite being a one-man-band I now have over a quarter of […]

Assortment Box

Spring-cleaning a drawer of socks, I stumbled upon an old assortment box. Small and musty, growing old and rusty, protecting memories, it was a faithful trustee. Cleaners at home, going corner to corner, I had a moment of quiet, to wonder and ponder. I lost interest, in my drawer of socks, not wasting a moment, […]

At an airport, once again

At an airport, once again, I saw a loving caring mother and a let-me-cry toddler; a storytelling father and a disinterested daughter; a shop-for-me girlfriend and a not-now-dear boyfriend; a content grandpa, snoozing silently and a curious grandson, bubbling quietly; a posh-black-suit bored with his car mag and a fancy-red-scarf happy with her glamour mag; […]

Happy New Year Resolution-ing!

We are currently in the “New Year Resolutions” (NYR) season and it’s common to hear stuff like: “I tell you I will lose that ‘extra’ holiday weight in no time”, “This time next year I will be in a new job, you just see”, “Oh you watch me I will run a marathon before you […]

A gift for the New Year!

In the midst of reflecting on the year that has gone by and anxious, curious planning for the year turning anew, here’s a wish. A wish for a gift. A gift of stillness. Stillness of mind. So it is no longer a burning fire of desires but a steady inward glow, of a pure spiritual flame, […]

The only place you have to live in!

At the turn of the century, I was in India and part of a successful company. I was working on a game-changing venture in the government sector, a challenging segment for the software industry. Along with the talented and hard-working owner of the company, I had given it my fullest commitment – blood, sweat and […]

Everyone deserves a chance!

Beth and I recently celebrated our 5th marriage anniversary. To mark the occasion we went to an elegant restaurant in Manchester. We were very excited, both for the occasion and the venue.  In a true food connoisseur style we decided to order a tasting menu – a culinary delight of nine signature dishes, each served with […]

Begin somewhere!

I was recently building my new website and it was logical to think about a blog, too. I genuinely wanted to share my learning and thoughts via this popular medium but was concerned.  In fact, I was truly worried. Firstly, I don’t see myself as a writer; secondly, when I start writing – especially blog-style […]