We are currently in the “New Year Resolutions” (NYR) season and it’s common to hear stuff like:

“I tell you I will lose that ‘extra’ holiday weight in no time”,

“This time next year I will be in a new job, you just see”,

“Oh you watch me I will run a marathon before you say anything”,

“New Year and time to look for a new house”.


There’s no end to New Year Resolutions!!
And hey, we all know that many NYRs are carried forward from the previous year!!

So, how to make a good start? Well.. the key is setting-up an effective goal. A goal that will motivate and make you work. A journey begun well is half the victory!

Here are some Top Tips that may help your NYR!

Having a dream and best of intention is a good start but unless you give a date to your dream it does not become a goal. Give your DREAM a DATE.  If you just say ‘I want to…..’ that’s not enough. Think in terms of date/period. “By end of March…” or “before 1st of July…” is good. Remember date’s are important!.

Majority of goals fail because they are outside ‘Values’ that guide your life. This is important. For example, A health goal will succeed for you if Health is one of your core values. Align it. If you want to be ‘Gym fit’ but health is not your core value then don’t just have a gym target; change food, sleep, work, relaxation habits and alter your lifestyle to make Health a new core value. Remember, align goal to your values.

3.  GOAL = GOAL + SMARTness!
Keep your goal Simple, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound. Plan a goal which you can achieve in a specific time frame. No point in having an over-ambitious goal and then experiencing repeated failures resulting in motivation loss (that’s how most of New Year Resolutions fail). Remember to begin small, make a steady journey and win big!

4. GOAL = Good for me + Good for others
Look at who can support you  and who can be affected by your goal. There’s no point in winning alone if it’s going to impact others negatively. Think of family, friends and colleagues. Ensure that you don’t affect their lives adversely. Talk to them, inform them, request for support. If you talk to them in advance you will be pleasantly surprised at support you get. Remember when you win, your near and dear ones should feel part of that victory and that makes it fun.

Focus on ‘outcome’ than just output. Think in terms of how you will feel, what will people admire in you and what will you become than just what will you have. You want to lose weight? then focus on ‘feeling healthy’. You want to get a new job? then focus on ‘developing confidence for advancing career’. Remember what you get out of a goal is temporary but what you become is permanent and repeatable for later.

So with above in mind now my final point: Always think of your goal in past tense and write it down. It helps to keep you in a motivated state, always. So, think in terms of “I AM” and not “I will” or “I want to”. Write it down, put it on a wall or in your wallet / purse where you can see it regularly.

Here are some example GOAL statements in past tense for you:

“I will lose weight in 3 months” = OK.
“I AM 65 kilos in March’14 and my friends are wondering how I did it” = BETTER!

“I want to get a new job in next 6 months” = OK.
“It is June’14. I AM enjoying my new work, my colleagues love me” = BETTER!

“I have to start my business in next 4-5 months” = OK.
“I AM enjoying running my business from May’14. I AM an entrepreneur and feels great” = BETTER!

Happy New Year Resolution-ing!!